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​WELCOME to Lewinskis

​Incorporated by Steve Mascari in the late 90's, Lewinskis became one of the leading golfing venues here in Pattaya. Throughout the following years Lewinskis proved to be one of the foundation stones of organised golf here as well as excelling in both it's Thai and International cuisine. 

Today Lewinskis is a budget priced hotel with comfortable en suite rooms. The restaurant now has a talented new chef, where the food continues to be excellent. However in recent years, as a golfing venue, numbers have declined, partially perhaps due to the reduced number of golfers coming to Pattaya but also due to the increase in other golfing outlets.

Lewinskis continues to be an outlet for Golf and is one of the few Golf venues with complete access to the Siam Country Club. At Siam Country Club one can play Siam Waterside, Siam Plantation and Siam Old Course at a very reasonable price.

We are looking forward to seeing you play golf with us.


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