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Chee Chan - Weds 24th Oct

As some of Kull's golfers headed off to Khao Kheow to take advantage of the discount vouchers before the month end; the two Steves, Messrs Plant and Farquar joined up with our six players at the beautiful Chee Chan course. Even though the rate here remains discounted, there were few players to be seen and we were away on time.

Although there was rain about, the golfers all persevered and were able to finish the round.

A surprised Steve Plant, pictured here, was once again the winner with an unbelievably ordinary 29pts beating a dead heat for second place, both with 28pts, by Victor Nesbitt and Steve Farquar. Even on countback they could not be separated, with 13, 8 & 5; back 9, 6 & 3.

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